Career Technologies: Instructor - Instructor: Jason Morgan

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Career Cluster Technologies I - 7th Grade
Career Cluster Technologies II - 8th Grade
Robotics - 7th & 8th Grade

Program Description:

The Florence Middle School Career Clusters Technologies I and II courses use computer-based modules and hands-on activities which familiarizes students with the six branches of technology. These branches of technology include: energy and power, biotechnology, communication, manufacturing, construction, and transportation.

Examples of career fields found in the class include:

  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Architecture
  • Health Care
  • Aviation
  • Small Engines
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing

Program Activities

Guest Speakers

Successful community businessmen and women frequently speak to the students about various careers.

Students work to complete individual and group projects throughout the course. Teamwork, leadership, and communication skills are strongly emphasized.

Student Organizations

  • TSA promotes leadership, communication, and teamwork skills.
  • TSA class officers are elected for each period of the day. Officers positions include: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Reporter, Historian, Treasurer, and Sergeant-At-Arms.
  • Students complete co-curricular projects. Dragsters, Architectural Designs, Robots are used in various TSA competitions.
  • TSA members have the opportunity to go to the TSA State Conference at the University of Alabama to compete against other TSA members from across the state. State winners advance to the national competition located at the TSA National Conference.
  • Every spring the FMS TSA members participate in a barbecue plate fundraiser. The barbecue plate fundraiser is considered an annual community service project because it not only helps to support the TSA chapter through providing needed funding, but also provides students with opportunities to learn valuable life skills associated with marketing, salesmanship, teamwork, and citizenship.
  • $14 Membership Fee