Guidance Counselor - Cynthia Casteel

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The mission of Florence City Schools is to assist students in succeeding in academic, career, and personal/social development.  Four basic delivery components are:

  • School Guidance
  • Curriculum
  • Individual Student Planning
  • Responsive Services and System Support

Career and Technical Guidance provides opportunities and assistance for students enrolled in Career and Technical courses to receive career advising.  These services include assisting individuals in making and implementing informed educational choices.  Activities include researching careers and specific occupations, matching students to specific occupations, indentifying basic skill requirements for specific jobs, and exploring alternatives to be successful in society.  Students are also assisted in the selection of high school courses, the development of career tracks, and the transition from high school to employment or postsecondary education.

Career Pathways

A career pathway makes meaningful connections between education and a variety of career options.  It includes career preparation suggestions for coursework that prepares students to:

  • Enter directly into the workforce;
  • Continue education focused on one-to-three year technical degrees;
  • or pursue baccalaureate degrees

Alabama's Career Pathways Success Publication contains information about careers in each of the Alabama career cluster areas.  The information page of each career features a recommended high school curriculum or four-year plan that includes academic courses, career/technical courses that directly support the career and related career/technical courses and academic courses.  FREE Workbooks are available from Mrs. Casteel.


Contact Mrs. Casteel, your FCS Career/Technical Guidance Counselor, to help you be better prepared for life after high school by providing:

  • Career/Tech Completer Status
  • Career/Tech Credentialing Certification
  • College Credit for FHS Classes
  • Scholarship Assistance
  • Maximized Career Opportunities
  • Assistance in Matching Students to Specific Jobs
  • Personality Assessments